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Archive for January, 2010

Quality Life Insurance Leads Finding Tips

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

If you are a life insurance agent, then you no doubt already know that the hardest part of an agent’s job is getting business. Some agents rely on the tried and true method of cold calling. Others take advantage of newer approaches like online lead generation. The truth is, there are any number of ways to increase business and get new life insurance leads. You need only take the time to find yourself some new life insurance leads. Here are three ways many insurance agents get new leads and make more sales. Many agents rely on one or more of these methods. Some agents prefer one method over all others, while others use them all equally. Regardless of what you currently do, if you need to increase the number of leads you have, trying one of these approaches is sure to help.

The first method you should try is to exhaust your personal network. Networking is essential in the sales industry, and life insurance sales is no different. Talk to your family and friends and see if they can refer anyone to you. Next, talk to your current clients and past clients to see if they could make any referrals. Not only does this increase your number of leads, but it could lead to more sales with your current clients. You can also consider sending out mailers to clients, although a personal phone call offers many advantages.

Another method that is becoming quite popular, is to let someone else find the leads for you. Indeed, there are several companies that specialize in collecting life insurance leads. They collect these leads specifically to sell them to agents like you. They can provide you with as many leads as you like, and generally the cost is very reasonable. If you need a boost of leads, this is perhaps the fastest way to get them. Some of these online lead providers even offer free life insurance leads for you to try out before you purchase from them.

One of the oldest methods of insurance lead generation is cold calling. This is an essential skill that any agent should have. It is true that cold calling isn’t the most efficient means for finding leads, but it can be effective, especially if you are out of other ideas. The key to effective cold calling is to know what you are going to say ahead of time. Take the time to write out a script to help you when you make a call. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression and get a person’s attention, so make it count. With these three methods you are sure to boost your number of life insurance leads in no time. You might find you like one approach more than the others. If this is the case, then stick with it! You’ll have all the business you can handle in no time.

How to Choose the Right Supplemental Dental Insurance Plan

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Many of the insurance plans do cover dental health but it would still leave out many expenses for which you’ll have to shell out money from your own pocket. So, assuming that your insurance plan is taking care of your dental health can be a big mistake. Not just that, there is also the possibility of your dental insurance plan not covering the entire cost of your dental treatment. This happens because most of the insurance plans focus on covering bigger treatment expenses.

Supplemental dental insurance is not another kind of dental insurance by another name. You need to have a proper dental care insurance besides the supplemental one because the latter helps one cover the cost of such dental needs that are not covered either by your primary health insurance or the dental insurance.

One of these are dental discount plans, which are carefully devised to reduce dental costs by making the dentist lower their rates for individual clients in lieu of the volume of patients they get. Now, these are not actually dental insurance plans but since they pass a part of the benefit to the patient, much of the treatment cost is absorbed. You pay a regular fee to the company providing such services. The amount you pay is far smaller than what you save.

For college students in particular, there are discount dental plans, which work much the same way as any other discount dental plan. The only difference is- many colleges opt for such plans for their students. These plans normally have limited benefit and cover things like regular cleanings, fluoride treatment, x-rays, and emergency dental treatment for pain relief.

Another popular supplemental dental insurance is the preferred provider network, which has a list of dental professionals for you to choose from. If you go to any one of them, the charges are heavily discounted. The plan pays a fixed fee to the dentist for the services rendered and whatever is left is paid by you. So, they pay for the service and you pay the additional cost.