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O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. details
We perform engineering investigations to determine the root cause of structural failures, fires, and explosions. We also investigate manufacturing and construction defects.
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Accident & Failure Analysis Consultants details
Providing expert testimony for industrial accidents, consumer product liability, explosions, material properties, and failure analysis. Located in Navarre, Florida.
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Altran Corporation details
Mechanical, and structural engineering. Full laboratory testing capabilities.
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American Metallurgical Consultants details
Accident investigation and forensic engineering services for matters including materials and metallurgical failure analysis, welding, materials processing, corrosion, product liability, and fire damage.
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Aries Engineering, Inc. details
Forensic and investigative engineering services. Specializing in wood frame construction, wooden trusses, conventional framing, engineered wood products and timber in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.
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Engineering Systems, Inc. details
Offer a range of forensic engineering services including failure analysis, and accident inversigation . Includes staff profiles and a services overview .
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ERA Technology, Ltd. details
Offers unrivalled excellence in HIRF and EMC testing and consultation.
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Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services details
Services include accident reconstructions, fire origin and cause determinations, and product liability investigations.
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Fire Cause Analysis details
Provides fire investigation, protection engineering, forensic and scientific evaluations.
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Forensic Dynamics details
engineering firm specializing in motor vehicle accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and injury causation.
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